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Female Gymnast on Balance Beam

The Gulf Coast's Premier Gym


About Gulf Coast Elite

Gulf Coast Elite Gymnastics has something for everyone. . .
Boys, girls, and adults of all ages can learn while building strength, flexibility, self-confidence, and positive life skills at this top-notch facility. Meet our staff and you will see that Gulf Coast Elite Gymnastics is one of the best!

Our Classes

Here at Gulf Coast Elite Gymnastics we value teaching young athletes how to move their bodies and stay active through gymnastics, dance, and creative movement. Gymnastics is a sport for all so we have a variety of classes for boys and girls at all age groups and levels. Whether you are just exploring the world of gymnastics or are looking for a place to team up to meet your highest goals, we have a spot for you. 

Many of our Class options are offered at both locations. If you see that a class is full at one of our locations, check our other location for availability as well. You can also reach out to us for assistance if needed.

Come join Gulf Coast Elite Gymnastics and watch us transform your gymnast.

Preschool & Recreational

The preschool program is designed to encourage whole-body exercise, including strength, flexibility, and coordination development. Classes are structured, but not rigid so that children can channel their physical energy while learning to socialize with other students in a safe and fun environment.

Recreational Gymnastics Classes. Designed to teach flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness using gymnastics skills while building positive self-esteem in a relaxed, fun, yet challenging atmosphere. A non competitive program designed to build gymnastics skills through progression.


Girls Team

We focus on the long-term health of your child.  By having an Elite group of coaches, we can better educate and guide parents and athletes in nutrition, muscle balance, listening to one's own body, and making healthy choices. No attendance requirements allow for the flexibility to do what is best for each child.We have a variety of team options to fit each athletes skill level while encouraging growth and progression

Female Gymnast on Balance Beam

What Our Families are Saying...

"My older teen daughter loves being on the team. After trying 4 different gyms from Pensacola to the Gulf Breeze area she has finally found her forever home."

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